Green Mountain

Green Mountain

Stand: JJ7

Green Mountain is a Norwegian owned Data Center company that provides critical infrastructure to a global client base. We are constantly referred to as the leader in Green, High Security co-location and are wholly owned by Smedvig, one of Norway’s largest and most financially secure family owned conglomerates.

Green Mountain have to date built two data centers and have achieved the prestigious Uptime Institute Tier III certification, both for design and operation. Our data centers are based in Stavanger and in Telemark respectively. We are proud of the accolade to have the only Tier III certified data centers in the Nordics.

There are several reasons why Norway is an ideal location for data centers, but cost effective power generation remains one of the biggest drawing factors. Norway has a surplus of renewable hydro power that is available at a very low cost. The average cost per KWh has consistently been around 4.5 euro cents (equivalent to £0.04). The price will decrease by a further 30% as a result of the Norwegian government abolishing the power tax for big green data centers such as ours.

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