Andy Skrei

Company: Exabeam

Job Title: Solutions Architect

Andy Skrei

Andy Skrei, former Lead Security Engineer at eBay and former customer of Exabeam, will discuss the real world benefits of UBA. Andy has deployed Exabeam at over 50 customer sites and has helped these organizations realize how UBA can quickly help mature overall detection and response capabilities. He will demonstrate the solution and show why it is important to understand “normal” activity for every user on the network. Andy will discussion Exabeam’s Stateful User Tracking which allows Exabeam to track every user regardless if they change credentials, IPs and hosts. He will show how Exabeam stitches all of the organizations log data together to build a timeline of all user activity.
Andy will share real-world examples of how he used Exabeam as a customer to catch various Red Team activities, as well as some of the common response tactics to speed up alert triage. He will also share some of the fringe benefits he is seeing his customers encounter related to logging health issues and detecting network configuration changes.