Dr Julian Chesterfield

Company: OnApp Ltd

Job Title: Director of Emerging Technologies

Dr Julian Chesterfield

As part of the original Xen Hypervisor development team in the University of Cambridge Laboratory, where he received his PhD in Computer Science, Julian has been at the forefront of hypervisor and Hyper-Converged technology development for over 10 years.
Initially as part of XenSource where he helped develop the first commercial version of the Xen hypervisor, and subsequently by Citrix Systems following their acquisition of XenSource where he was the Storage Virtualisation architect, he then went on to found the technical innovation team at OnApp as the Director of Emerging technologies.

OnApp is the leading public cloud service provider platform today powering over 1 in 3 public clouds, underpinned by the technological innovations introduced by the Emerging tech team at OnApp such as the Integrated Storage technology which creates a Hyper-Converged Software Defined Storage layer across the Hypervisor infrastructure.

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