Matthew Brady

Company: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Job Title: Senior Consultant – Application Delivery

Matthew Brady

Matthew Brady, Senior ADM Specialist, has over twenty five years’ experience in IT consultancy and sales support for a wide range of clients across many industries.

He joined Hewlett Packard Enterprise in April 2014 as part of the Shunra acquisition having worked there since 2010. Before joining Shunra, Matthew worked at Alcatel Lucent covering web traffic optimization and monitoring. Prior to that, he was 5 years at Keynote Systems, focusing on web and application performance monitoring, testing and quality analysis.
His expertise includes web & mobile performance analysis and monitoring, load and stress testing, functional testing, software quality analysis, network analysis, application development and more.
As part of the EMEA HQ at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Matthew supports sales and marketing activities across EMEA covering Lifecycle Virtualization, Performance Engineering, DevOps and Mobile testing.
Matthew has a BSc (hons) in Mathematics from Salford University, UK.