Nick Fennell

Company: EfficientIP

Job Title: Presales Manager

Data theft, DDoS attack, Zero Day Vulnerabilities. See How to Mitigate Them
Following the increase in the number of companies being attacked on their DNS service, we released four major security innovations: Hybrid DNS Engine, DNS Blast, DNS Cloud and DNS Guardian.
It is the only Adaptive DNS security solution on the market capable of guaranteeing 100% availability during a DDoS attack on DNS services and proposing specific counter-measures to any type of attack even if the source is not identified.
SOLIDserver from EfficientIP is an integrated DNS-DHCP-IPAM and network device management solution. SOLIDserver embeds all required technologies to protect your external and internal DNS from attacks, it’s is the:
First Adaptive DNS Security Solution
Only Hybrid DNS Engine available on the market
Fastest DNS server in the world absorbing 17 millions qps
Guaranteed service availability during an attack
During this presentation, you will discover the increasing Landscape of DNS Threat.
We will demonstrate how to mitigate them as DNS servers are not only targets for hackers but can also be used as vector of attacks. Using the DNS protocol itself hackers can exfiltrate data from your network.

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