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ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality. By applying real-time analytics and cloud-based machine learning to digital interactions, ExtraHop delivers instant and unbiased insights. IT leaders from Sony, Lyreco, Liberty, Microsoft, Adobe and Google turn to ExtraHop to help them make faster, better-informed decisions that improve performance, security, and digital experience.

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White papers

Detecting Ransomware in Real Time with Complete East-West Visibility
This paper describes how real-time ransomware detection for the entire environment is made possible through analysis of all data in flight.

Ransomware Detection and Prevention White Paper (1).pdf 1.92 MB

ExtraHop for Security and Compliance
ExtraHop provides you with full visibility into all behaviour on the network so that you can detect threats faster, identify weaknesses in your environment, and make your security tools smarter.

ExtraHop-security-compliance-datasheet.pdf 522.12 kB

ExtraHop Platform Overview: Gain Control With Real-Time IT Analytics
This paper explains why the network is the richest and most empirical data source, and how the ExtraHop platform enables data-driven operations.

ExtraHop Overview White Paper (3).pdf 3.10 MB

IT Visibility Across Datacenters, Remote Locations, and the Cloud
The ExtraHop platform analyses all your data in flight so that you have the real-time insights needed to confidently control IT assets and infrastructure.

ExtraHop Everywhere white paper (1).pdf 3.36 MB

Strengthening Identity Infrastructure Through Visibility & Vigilance
This paper will explain how wire data can be used to address persistent identity management issues that often plague complex IT environments and how real-time visibility can strengthen your identity infrastructure and therefore the entire organisation’s security posture.

Strenghtening Identity Infrastructure with ExtraHop.pdf 4.76 MB