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Livewire Digital

Livewire Digital

Stand: F15

Many applications fail to perform well over Wide Area Networks, especially long distance international, cellular and satellite links. The problem is exacerbated in moving vehicles or contended public Wi-Fi and cellular coverage.

RazorLink® technology offers Hybrid WAN and WAN Optimisation features in a cross platform SDN solution. RazorLink® works transparently with your existing applications to delver faster more resilient access to corporate and Cloud services.

RazorLink® offers: network bonding with seamless failover, accelerated data transfer, increased resilience and security, and traffic prioritisation.
RazorLink® has been deployed by Blue Chip companies to transform the links between International offices and to deliver seamless connectivity in the most extreme environments.

Livewire Digital Ltd has more than 25 years experience working with, and innovating for, high profile customers with very challenging communications requirements. The next phase of RazorLink R&D is being co-funded by the European Space Agency.

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