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Replify is a UK based software company, established in 2007 and were first to market with a virtual WAN Optimization appliance. The Replify Accelerator offers an improved user-experience for customers accessing data from remote locations and branch offices by reducing WAN data usage. It achieves this by providing cross-protocol, cross-platform byte-level deduplication and application acceleration to end users on a variety of devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Replify has customers worldwide, from local government organisations, offshore industry, geographically dispersed businesses and satellite providers.

Replify also OEMs the product, providing source code access, roadmap input, and deep integration into existing product stacks. This means the Replify product can be integrated into your own product offering or rebranded to your own livery.

You can find out more on our website www.replify.com or don’t hesitate to drop us an email for more information sales@replify.com

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The Journey from Virtual Machines to Docker with Replify
The Journey from Virtual Machines to Docker with Replify

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