StorPool Storage

StorPool Storage

Stand: HH21

StorPool is a software-defined storage solution for building high-performance public and private clouds. It runs on standard servers, drives and network and turns them into an outstanding storage system.

With StorPool you achieve an all-flash performance without the need to pay for expensive SANs. Moreover you follow the pay as you grow model, which saves large upfront payments on specialized стораге hardware.

StorPool allows you to enter attractive new market segments by delivering enterprise-grade reliability & performance at much lower price points.

Our clients choose us because of three main advantages:

- reliability;

- amazing performance, starting at 500,000 IOPS and 0.2 ms of latency;

- decrease in total cost of ownership and boosted profit margins.

According to our customers, StorPool is far superior to traditional storage arrays in both technical and business terms – reliability, scalability, performance, flexibility, efficiency and cost.

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