Tenable Network Security

Tenable Network Security

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Tenable Network Security provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk and ensure compliance. Our family of products includes SecurityCenter Continuous View™, which provides the most comprehensive and integrated view of network health, and Nessus®, the global standard in detecting and assessing network data.

Tenable Network Security identify all types of risk on a network - including malware and intruders, missing patches and configurations, and missing monitoring. Their products reach across cloud, virtual, mobile and traditional IT systems.

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Tenable Network Security Seminars

  • Cyber Exposure and the Modern Attack Surface Wed 4th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Cyber Exposure and the Modern Attack Surface

    Organizations of all sizes are embracing digital transformation, resulting in an explosion of new platforms, devices and approaches including cloud, SaaS, mobile, IoT and DevOps.  The modern cyberattack surface is no longer just a laptop or server, but is now a complex mix of connected devices, services and computing platforms which is constantly expanding and contracting. 

    The failure of old tools and one-size-fits-all approaches to scanning the network for vulnerabilities which were designed for the old world of traditional IT means that most organizations can’t keep pace with modern assets, creating a massive gap in an organization’s ability to understand and accurately represent its Cyber Exposure at any given time. Join Tenable, the pioneer of Cyber Exposure, where they discuss how organizations address this problem for managing and measuring the modern attack surface to accurately understand and reduce cyber risk.


    Leslie Forbes

    Leslie ForbesMore

    Time / Place

    Wed 4th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Cyber Security Keynote Theatre

White papers

24/7 Visibility into Advanced Malware on Networks and Endpoints
This whitepaper describes the challenges associated with defending against advanced attacks. It provides insight into the multi-pronged approach of continuously monitoring for advanced threats on the network and endpoints.

AdvancedMalwareDetection.pdf 1.35 MB

Continuous Monitoring for the New IT Landscape
Tenable provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. Our family of products includes SecurityCenter Continuous View and Nessus.

ContinuousMonitoring.pdf 799.30 kB

Predicting Attack Paths
This paper will show how SC CV’s Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS) can be used to identify trust relationships and Internet browsing for monitored hosts.

predicting_attack_path.pdf 3.22 MB

Speed Up Incident Response with Actionable Forensic Analytics
Tenable provides a comprehensive continuous network monitoring solution that enables you to rapidly respond to security incidents, by providing actionable forensic data that can help detect incidents more accurately.

speed_up_incident_response.pdf 1.39 MB

Tenable Malware Detection
This whitepaper describes in detail, some trends and statistics on the malware detection. This whitepaper then introduces a multi-vector approach to accurately detect malware in the IT environment.

TenableMalwareDetection.pdf 956.40 kB

Definitive Guide to Continuous Network Monitoring
This book provides you with an excellent foundation for building a continuous network monitoring program in your organization.

Definitive Guide to CNM.PDF 6.02 MB

Managing Business Risk With Assurance Report Cards
This whitepaper explains how SecurityCenter Continuous View™ with Assurance Report Cards, enables CISO and other security leaders to continuously demonstrate security assurance, using high-level business objects supported by underlying metrics.

Managing_Business_Risk_with_ARCs.pdf 1.45 MB

Eliminating Cybersecurity Blind Spots
An organization’s ability to deliver value to its stakeholders directly correlates to its ability to manage risk. Simply stated, risk is any event that could positively or negatively affect the organization’s ability to meet their objectives.

Whitepaper- Eliminating Cybersecurity Blind Spots.pdf 2.00 MB