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Tintri puts the agility of public cloud inside your data centre. Tintri’s all-flash architecture uses building blocks similar to public cloud — to simply manage enterprise and cloud native applications. Customers guarantee the performance of their applications, automate common IT tasks via Open APIs, troubleshoot across their infrastructure, and predict an organisation’s needs to scale — the underpinnings of a modern data centre. That’s why leading cloud service providers and enterprises, including Comcast, Chevron, NASA, Toyota, United Healthcare and 20% of the Fortune 100, trust Tintri with enterprise cloud.

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Application-Aware Storage
Techniques and Best Practice tips to ensure a successful virtualisation project Practical examples of application-aware storage in the real world How to build smart application-aware storage for virtualisation and private cloud

T10244_140810T10244_App-aware-storage-for-Dummies-Final.pdf 5.15 MB

Risk-free VDI with Tintri and Citrix
Make VDI successful with Tintri Smart Storage and Citrix XenDesktop -The increased Adoption of VDI -Choosing the right VDI Software -Why traditional storage is inadequate for VDI -Tintri VMstore: Smart Storage for Desktop Virtualisation

T10242_150504T10242_Tintri-Citrix-VDI-Solution-Guide.pdf 96.44 kB

Tintri Global Centre - Real-time per-VM Analytics to Manage Tintri Infrastructure at Scale
An intelligent, unified control centre enables multiple VMstore systems to seamlessly function as one, allowing storage/virtualisation administrators to globally manage/monitor their infrastructure at scale and deliver realtime VM-level analytics

T10078_150511T10078_Tintri_ds_tintri_global_center.pdf 735.15 kB

Top 5 Reasons Cloud Service Providers Choose Tintri
Tintri storage is specifically designed for virtualized workloads and private cloud. If you’re a cloud provider that has built your business on differentiated services, Tintri is built for you.

Top 5 Reasons Cloud Service Providers Choose Tintri.pdf 370.12 kB

Top 10 Reasons to Deploy Tintri Smart Storage for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Tintri is smart storage that sees, learns and adapts for Virtual Desktops. 1-Simple deployment 2-Intuitive administration 3-QoS with no manual tuning 4-Industry-best virtual desktop density 5-Performance for all workloads...

T10086_140810T10086_top10-tintri-for-vdi.pdf 158.74 kB

Top 10 Reasons to Deploy Tintri Smart Storage for Virtualization and Private Cloud
Designed from the ground up for virtualization using applicationaware storage architecture, Tintri VMstore delivers the unparalleled performance and efficiency IT organizations need to virtualize more and build the foundation for a private cloud.

T10085_140916T10085_top10-tintri-for-virtualized-environment.pdf 375.46 kB

Industry’s First All-Flash Storage Powered by VM-Aware Architecture - Tintri VMstore T5000
Unmatched combination of performance and visibility for your most demanding applications, delivering all the benefits of Tintri’s VM-aware performance isolation and per-VM QOS, guaranteeing high performance/low latency across entire flash capacity

T10239_150806T10239_T5000-Datasheet.pdf 260.93 kB

The Tintri VM-aware Storage Universe
Tintri simply stores virtualized workloads We offer a fully integrated VM-Aware Storage (VAS) system for virtualized enterprises and cloud Balance your projects and workloads across high-performance All-Flash and award-winning Hybrid-Flash

Tintri Universe Summary.pdf 200.25 kB

Best Balance of Storage Performance and Value Powered by VM-aware Architecture - T800 Hybrid-Flash Series
Tintri’s VM-aware storage speeds performance 6x to save you time, and packs storage 10x more densely to save you money T800 Hybrid-Flash series aligns your storage with your business needs—putting the focus on your virtualized applications

VMstore T800 Series Datasheet 141106 T10160.pdf 308.36 kB

5 Things to Know About Tintri for Microsoft® Hyper-V® -
Tintri offers VM-level visibility and control to Microsoft customers dramatically simplifying the virtualisation of business-critical enterprise applications/desktops to accelerate private cloud deployments

T10007_150409T10007_Tintri-ds-tintri_for_microsoft_hyper-v.pdf 531.33 kB

Tintri for OpenStack Deployments-Hypervisor-agnostic VM aware storage for OpenStack deployments
Tintri provides the best storage solution for Cinder storage. No other storage vendor can offer Tintri’s level of VM and Cinder volume visibility. This makes a dramatic difference when operating or troubleshooting an OpenStack deployment.

T10208_150422T10208_Tintri-at_a_glance-tintri_for_openstack_deployments.pdf 474.69 kB

Tintri Storage For Application Development & DevOps Teams
Storage presents one of the most acute and expensive pain points in development and testing environments-Tintri storage solutions for virtual/hybrid cloud environments address the biggest operational/performance problems that development teams face

T10196_150127T10196_Tintri-app-dev-test-solution.pdf 1.18 MB