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VASCO is a world leader in strong authentication and e-signature solutions, specializing in online accounts, identities and transactions. In addition to the financial sector, VASCO's technologies secure sensitive information and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce and e-government industries.

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VASCO Seminars

  • How secure is a password, what’s next in authentication Thu 5th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    How secure is a password, what’s next in authentication

    This Seminar will outline the fundamental flaw in what is still the most common Authentication Mechanism the Simple Password. With New guidelines from NIST around password security, you will see what the current password security levels are, including hacking demo’s, what are the best practices and what the future holds for user authentication. 


    Dan McLoughlin

    Dan McLoughlinMore

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    Thu 5th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Cloud Security Theatre

White papers

A Blueprint for Securing Mobile Banking Applications
In this white paper, we see the results of some research around what consumers want from their mobile banking applications, discuss some of the current issues surrounding the evolution of mobile banking.

Blueprint-for-SecuringMobileBankingApplications.pdf 1.73 MB

Guide to building a secure and trusted BYOID environment
Bring-Your-Own-Identity is not new. People have been using their social media login credentials for other applications for some time now. But how can you establish a Trusted Bring-Your-Own-Identity environment?

Government BYO-ID.pdf 1.27 MB

Simple Methods for ASPs to Improve User Account Security
Assuring customers that your website is a secure place to spend time, effort and money is the key benefit of implementing an authentication platform.

MYDP_whitepaper.pdf 534.69 kB