Angelo Apa

Company: Lenovo Data Centre Group, UK & Ireland

Job Title: Technical Sales and Business Development Director

Angelo Apa

Angelo has been in the IT industry since 1987, with twenty years in IBM and now Lenovo being preceded by time served in distribution and a fledgling PC vendor called Amstrad in the UK. In IBM he remained primarily in the “x86 space” as a new business seller, a builder of new divisions such as the HPC and Linux business and channel leader in the UK, Paris, Zurich and in South Africa.

Moving back to the UK&I division from the EMEA Geo where he managed the solutions and MSP business and was heavily involved in the transition to Lenovo, he is now the Business Development Director focusing upon delivering customer value through relationships with key solution vendors and business partners, along with his small but perfectly formed team and valued relationships at an EMEA level.
Angelo has in the past started additional companies including a coffee company in South Africa which was then given to the employees as a method of allowing them to build a better life for themselves. He was a Formula 1 marshal for 13 years and passing through numerous interests now focuses on maintaining an ability to ski faster than his age and spend as much time on the water in unaffordable boats as time allows.

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Angelo Apa Seminars

  • The Future Defined Data Centre Thu 5th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    The Future Defined Data Centre

    What is a data centre? And what purpose does it really serve? How important is the infrastructure that all our data resides on? What’s driving the change to redefine the data centre?

    Come and listen to Angelo Apa as he describes the very real and growing demands on data storage and management, set against a backdrop of reductions in budget and the need to drive down costs.

    It’s a classic conundrum that CTOs, CIOs or any manager of technology infrastructure - from any size of organisation - will relate to, with line-of-business requirements increasing in demand and complexity. Throw in exponential growth in data, multiple devices accessing the data, and impending legislation like GDPR, and it’s a perfect storm brewing that needs to be addressed.

    Angelo will explain how Lenovo’s Data Centre Group are taking an entirely different approach, building on the heritage of 25 years of producing the most reliable server and storage technology available, but rethinking the approach with a software-defined design that challenges the status quo. With no legacy acquisitions to protect, you’ll learn how Lenovo’s open and customer-centric approach to the future defined data centre is available today.


    Angelo Apa

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    Time / Place

    Thu 5th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

    Storage and Data Centre