Chris Kranz

Company: Hedvig Inc.

Job Title: EMEA Solutions Architect

Chris Kranz

Chris is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) and senior systems engineer at Hedvig. Chris has in-depth experience in cloud, virtualization, storage and data center technologies gained from his work across numerous practices including web development, systems administration, and consulting. His advisory expertise helps customers better adopt and adapt to the technologies that best fit for their business requirements.

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Chris Kranz Seminars

  • PANEL: Infrastructure 2025 Wed 4th Oct 15:40 - 16:20

    PANEL: Infrastructure 2025

    The infrastructure of most major companies is currently undergoing some form of transformation, whether that be shift to the cloud, shift to flash storage or some degree of convergence of the data centre. What do users need to consider when making purchasing decisions about their infrastructure today to make sure they are ready for the future and what are the costly mistakes they need to avoid.


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    Wed 4th Oct 15:40 to 16:20

    Storage and Data Centre