David Doherty

Company: Gamma

Job Title: Product Director, Digital Strategy

David Doherty

With over 30 years spent transforming the telecoms and networking industry, David Doherty has a history of board level expertise at Ofcom, Easynet, Vanco and Racal Network Services.  Now making his mark as Director of Digital Strategy for Gamma, David also oversees the UK network’s rapidly growing data portfolio: lending his deep technological know-how to new product development, system evolution, and the wide scope behind Gamma’s digital programme delivery.


David Doherty Seminars

  • Insight, the Network, and UC: understanding your business front to back Thu 5th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    Insight, the Network, and UC: understanding your business front to back

    Digital Transformation.  Writers, analysts and sales people alike are ‘moving to the cloud’, waxing technological about, ‘automation’, and kicking back with a cold glass of, ‘SaaS’.

    Clearly, there are opportunities for organisations to streamline, for customers, businesses and staff to choose how to interact, and for us to use technology to review and analyse our performance.

    But in our hyper-efficient ideal, there is a gap.  What does this actually look like?

    Whatever happens, your network and its design will be integral.  In this presentation, we’ll be exploring what you need to consider in performance and network design to make your digital transformation a success.


    David Doherty

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    Thu 5th Oct 11:40 to 12:10