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Dennis O´Sullivan

Company: Eaton

Job Title: EMEA Data Center Segment Manager

Dennis O´Sullivan

With the further dependency on technology in modern times, the reliance on data centers is increasing at an extraordinary rate. The knock on effect of this reliance is a need to responsibly manage your data centre and its impact from a financial and environmental standpoint. In order to properly manage your Data Centre, the use of monitoring systems such as a DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) has moved from a “nice to have” to an “absolutely must have”. However given the impact on your triple constraint of time, scope and budget is it really necessary to invest in a fully-fledged DCIM? When you take into consideration the in-built capabilities of your existing equipment, maybe there isn’t a need to spend all that time and money. In cases such as this maybe it’s in your best interest to look at DCSO (Data Centre System Optimisation) solutions.
Shockingly enough the number of data centers not using any form of cross system monitoring is quite high, and the reasons are clear. The impact to time and budget is a major deterrent, however the resulting situation is that you are effectively operating blind, and you cannot properly manage what you do not understand. An open source based DCSO helps overcome triple impacting constraints and allows data centre operators and managers to gain proper insight into the current state of their facility and supporting systems by leveraging existing system’s capabilities. Why replace what you have when you can gather the data and display it centrally?