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Dr. Malcolm Murphy

Company: Infoblox

Job Title: Technology Director, Western Europe

Dr. Malcolm Murphy

In a career spanning more than 20 years, Malcolm Murphy has witnessed first-hand the evolution of the Internet from academic collaboration tool to the ubiquitous utility we take for granted today.  He started his career building network infrastructure for one of the UK’s largest ISPs, before subsequently spending the majority of his career working for a number of networking technology companies.

Malcolm also developed a proof-of-concept mechanism for using DNS as a covert communications channel.  If there ever was a good reason for doing this, he can’t remember what it is.  But he freely admits that his proof of concept was nowhere near as sophisticated or effective as the techniques that are being employed today to subvert and exploit DNS.

In his current role as Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox, Malcolm leads a team of consultants working with Enterprises and Service Providers to help improve the security and robustness of their cloud, network and datacentre operations.