Frank Ulmerich

Company: BlueCat Networks

Job Title: Principal Consultant Business Engagement, CISSP

Frank Ulmerich

Frank Ulmerich joined BlueCat 1st of January 2017. Frank has a 20 year history in IT with more than 15 years of security focused IT Management and Consulting experience. He is responsible for the EMEA Business Engagement activities and works with the biggest companies in EMEA, helping to develop their Digital Transformation foundation to leverage existing DNS Data for the development of their full potential in a ITaaS and Hybrid Cloud oriented and fast changing Enterprise Market.

Frank Ulmerich Seminars

  • Exposing the Enemy Within: How DNS data holds the key to cyber defense Wed 4th Oct 14:20 - 14:50

    Exposing the Enemy Within: How DNS data holds the key to cyber defense

    If you’re not leveraging DNS data to protect your DNS networks, you’re not alone.
    More than 91% of attacks use DNS in some way; but nearly 70% of organizations don’t monitor recursive DNS servers. As the most pervasive protocol, DNS is the perfect gateway for malicious activity and the spread of malware. Enterprise security teams have typically not focused on DNS in their defense.

    This is a mistake.

    Bluecat will share findings from a new security whitepaper that demonstrate how to leverage the intelligence already available in your DNS data, allowing security professionals to:


    Frank Ulmerich

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    Wed 4th Oct 14:20 to 14:50

    Cloud Security