Gordon Thomson

Company: Cisco

Job Title: Managing Director of Digital Acceleration, EMEAR

Gordon Thomson

Gordon Thomson Seminars

  • The Networking Battlegrounds for the Digital World Thu 5th Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    The Networking Battlegrounds for the Digital World

    Never has the pressure on the network been so intense: operational pressures, skill shortages and increasing cyber risk, as well as market transitions also affecting the network, like mobile, Cloud and IoT.

    How does the CIO manage all these complexities while at the same time building a stable yet agile platform to support the increasing digital needs of the business?

    In this session we will explore the strategic approaches to these challenges, turning special attention to the realities of Intent based Networking systems, analytics and security in the network.

    We will touch on how the network can deal with these challenges, while also looking at how operation costs are contained without stifling innovation.


    Gordon Thomson

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    Time / Place

    Thu 5th Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    IP EXPO Keynote