Helge Husemann

Company: Malwarebytes

Job Title: Product Marketing Manager

Helge Husemann

Helge Husemann is a Security Expert on a mission: protecting businesses from malware. Husemann. has spent the past 15 years immersed in technology and has been focusing in on the ways that malware disrupts, disables and destroys businesses. The threats that keep business owners and IT departments up at night have evolved from disruptive viruses to today's malicious ransomware and Helge keeps pace with these new types of malware and what businesses need to do to protect themselves. His love affair with technology started as a PC gamer, before moving on to Apple and Siemens, and then honing in on the security industry working with Trend Micro and then moving to Malwarebytes over two years ago. The non-stop research and access to Malwarebytes' Threat Labs means he's continuously plugged into the latest advances in security technology. This expertise, along with a gift for storytelling and an obsession with Iron Maiden, makes it possible for him to talk with the IT Departments who are dealing with malware every day, showing sales teams how to identify pain points for businesses and sell the right solutions, and talking with C-levels in the business about the risks they face.

Helge Husemann Seminars

  • Understanding the Depth of the UK Ransomware Problem Wed 4th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Understanding the Depth of the UK Ransomware Problem

    It's no secret that, even for the most seasoned cyber security professionals, the speed of change in the industry over the past year has been unprecedented. Perpetrators, targets, and motives have never been so varied. Ransomware continues to be a major problem and is only getting worse.


    Helge Husemann

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    Wed 4th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Cyber Threat Protection