Hillary Prather

Company: TUNE, Inc.

Job Title: Software Engineer

Hillary Prather

A server-side software engineer, Hilary is currently writing and updating TUNE’s advertising analytics tracking platform. She is passionate about architecting clean and simple software systems, while tenaciously trying to bring more empathy to the tech world. A fervent education advocate, Hilary partners with tech education and diversity initiatives like TUNE Cares, Washington State Opportunities Scholarship, and IGNITE Worldwide. She is a world traveller, an avid (though amateur) cook and baker, and a weird workout enthusiast.

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Hillary Prather Seminars

  • Legacy Code: Tips for Newbies and Beyond Thu 5th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Legacy Code: Tips for Newbies and Beyond

    Do you cower at the phrase “spaghetti code”? Do you avoid making changes to old, rusty technical systems in fear of them breaking in unexpected ways? Do you find yourself uttering or hearing the words, “just don’t touch it, it’s been working so far…” Technical systems should be adaptable to fit new needs and requirements, but some legacy code systems go untouched for too long, and end up as scary black boxes. During this session, I will talk about what legacy code is, and why it’s important that we as developers take time to truly understand existing systems instead of avoiding them. I will go over strategies that anyone can use to gain valuable insight into even the hairiest legacy code or open source project. We will discuss a variety of tools and helpful visualizations to organize and simplify complex systems. Throughout the session, we will keep in mind how struggling to understand and debug legacy code can make us better, more empathetic developers.


    Hillary Prather

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    Time / Place

    Thu 5th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    DevOps Culture and Transformation