Holly Grace Williams

Company: Sec-1

Job Title: Penetration Testing Team Leader

Holly Grace Williams

Holly Grace has 10 years of professional Information Security experience, currently working at Sec-1 as Penetration Testing Team Leader, which involves assessing the security of computer networks, websites and buildings through active exploitation. She is a CREST Certified Tester and holds a Master's degree in Information Security and Privacy, from Cardiff University.

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Holly Grace Williams Seminars

  • Malware Attacks: History and Future Wed 4th Oct 15:00 - 15:50

    Malware Attacks: History and Future

    An adventure through the malicious software attack timeline. Looking at the history of malicious software, the advent of the advanced persistent threats and leading up to recent developments in automated malicious attacks. Drawing down on the fact that recent malware is performing actions considered advanced for malware, but run-of-the-mill for security testers. Covering recent data in the area of both nation-state attacks, and crime group developments, such as changes in modern ransomware. Aiming to draw conclusions for the future to show that things might soon be getting much worse.


    Holly Grace Williams

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    Wed 4th Oct 15:00 to 15:50

    Cyber Hack