Kelly Murphy

Company: HyperGrid

Job Title: Co-Founder

Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy has 19 years experience founding and leading disruptive venture backed technology companies. In 1998 Murphy founded Marrakech, the first SaaS platform that offered on-demand procurement and supply chain systems to over 30,000 trading partners including some of the world’s largest retailers, consumer food producers, packaging companies and utilities. After selling Marrakech in 2007, he turned his sights on the storage industry. In 2009, Murphy co-founded HyperGrid — a pioneer of software-defined storage, Hyper-converged Infrastructure and the first HyperConverged Infrastructure as a Service that is set to disrupt the traditional IT infrastructure industry. Currently, he serves on HyperGrid's Board of Directors and is also the Chief Evangelist. Originally from Canada, Murphy obtained his BS in Computer Science from Michigan Technological University.

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  • Cloud 2.0: Take Back Control – Make the Cloud work for you Wed 4th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Cloud 2.0: Take Back Control – Make the Cloud work for you

    Cloud 1.0 was a one way trip to powerful providers that locked in the enterprise. Cloud 2.0 turns multiple clouds into a set of resources that are controlled by the enterprise to extend their IT infrastructure enabling new workloads and digital innovation. Cloud 2.0 puts the enterprise in control of the cloud with superior economics, agility, visibility and governance over who uses what cloud resources - regardless of whether they are on premise clouds, hosted private clouds or across any one of the 15+ public clouds


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    Wed 4th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Cloud Architecture