Len Padilla

Company: NTT Communications

Job Title: Vice President Product Strategy

Len Padilla

Len has experience in a wide range of areas from scientific super-computing to shared and dedicated hosting to cloud computing. He has worked at all technical and management levels of IT: academic research, financial systems programming, administration of large server and content delivery networks, PCI-DSS certification, management of international operations teams as well as product engineering and strategy. He likes the technology, but thinks that the users are more important. Len’s heart is in California, where he grew up with computing and the internet. He’s been living in Europe for the past 18 years, with 14 of those working with NTT.

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Len Padilla Seminars

  • NTT Enterprise Cloud helps McLaren's Fastest IP Device Go Even Faster Thu 5th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    NTT Enterprise Cloud helps McLaren's Fastest IP Device Go Even Faster

    CIOs are often faced with the dilema of on-premises vs. cloud. But some CIOs have it even harder; they have to follow rules that limit their local footprint. In a situation like this, outside-the-box thinking is required and that’s exactly what McLaren’s CIO did. Come listen to how the McLaren F1 team use the NTT Enterprise Cloud to make their F1 car go even faster.


    Len Padilla

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    Thu 5th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Cloud Architecture