Matthias Schorer

Company: VMware

Job Title: Lead Business Development Manager, IoT, EMEA

Matthias Schorer

Matthias Schorer is the Lead Business Development Manager, IoT, EMEA, VMware. Matthias took on the role in January 2017, drawing on his expertise to advise VMware customers on management, monitoring and security across global IoT projects.

Matthias has been with VMware since 2011, working in various key roles across the company. Prior to his most recent appointment, Matthias was Head of Strategy Consulting, responsible for VMware's automotive strategy and solutions for connected cars. Before this, as Enterprise Cloud Leader CEMEA, he was responsible for growing VMware’s cloud computing business. Since January 2013, he has provided strategic consultancy for VMware Accelerate™ Advisory Services for Central and Eastern Europe.

Matthias joined VMware from CSC, providing customer consultancy on IT architecture, migration of legacy systems, cloud computing and virtualization. For over ten years, Matthias was also the Technical Chief-Architect at Fiducia IT AG where he helped to develop the core architecture for the agree® banking system.

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Matthias Schorer Seminars

  • Meeting at the Edge: The Internet of Things is here Thu 5th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Meeting at the Edge: The Internet of Things is here

    The Internet of Things, what does that actually mean? Is it the smartwatch on our wrist, the smart thermostat in out home or is it much more? When speaking with organisations across sectors, it is often a very different from the general assumption and usually it is much bigger in scope. In this session, Matthias Schorer will set a common ground of what IoT means to VMware and what it means to end user organisations, including a chat with Huw Owen, Head of digital for Tata Motors.


    Huw Owen

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    Matthias Schorer

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    Time / Place

    Thu 5th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Internet of Things