Michael Karliner

Company: RedSift

Job Title: Developer Evangelist

Michael Karliner

Mike has over 40 years experience in the software industry, in a career which spans everything from aerospace and blast furnaces to language and operating system design.

He was the original CTO at the music recognition company, Shazam, and has managed many other cutting edge  technical teams  before and since.

He is currently Developer Evangelist at RedSift and Technologist in Residence at TrueStart accelerator in London, and still find time to make strange things in the shed.


Michael Karliner Seminars

  • Serverless Computing for the Internet of Things Wed 4th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Serverless Computing for the Internet of Things

    Many systems now being promoted as Internet of Things platforms are really existing products and services being rebranded as 'IoT'. Others offer 'complete' IoT solutions, which attempt to lock customers in to a single vendor solution.
    Red Sift is a platform designed to integrate dissimilar  systems and platforms with minimum effort. It offers a real-time, event driven serverless processing model which scales automatically.


    Michael Karliner

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    Wed 4th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Internet of Things