Mike MacIntyre

Company: Panaseer

Job Title: Chief Scientist

Mike MacIntyre

Mike has spent his career developing data analytic solutions  that solve real world problems and deliver meaningful value to customers across a broad spectrum of domains. At Panaseer, Mike and his team of data scientists develop new and innovative ways to analyse vast quantities of cyber security data and deliver critical security insights to a diverse set of business and security stakeholders, from security analysts all the way up to the CIO & the Board. Mike specialises in bringing together his knowledge of the cyber security problem domain with the technical capabilities of big data platforms to determine what algorithms and approaches deliver maximum value at scale. Mike's expertise in analytics solutions for cyber defence was gained while working at BAE Systems where he built various threat detection capabilities across their cyber security services and products portfolio.

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Mike MacIntyre Seminars

  • The CIA is messing with my Maths Thu 5th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    The CIA is messing with my Maths

    For too long cybersecurity has been the domain of those working only from intuition, gut feel or as its more commonly referred, “experience”. The reality is that the visibility in to how security is managed and the effectiveness of decision making is poor and yet there are plenty of calls for Automation. However, never has the old adage “Automate a mess and you get a faster mess” been true. This talk explores why the Integrity of data is essential to ensuring that data analysis, machine learning and AI can succeed in improving cybersecurity.


    Mike MacIntyre

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    Thu 5th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Data Analytics