Paul Griffiths

Company: Riverbed

Job Title: Senior Director Advanced Technology Group

Paul Griffiths

Prior to joining Riverbed, Griffiths held technical marketing and consulting positions at Brocade Communications, Auspex Systems, Alliant Computer Systems, Convergent Technologies and ICL, as well as participating on the Fibre Channel Engineering Council of SNIA Europe. His core responsibilities include being an advocate for customers, prospects and Riverbed teams, advising on IT architecture and business solutions by communicating the current capabilities and future direction of the Riverbed portfolio, and interfacing with Riverbed Product Management and Engineering to contribute towards product development strategy. Having previously served in pre-sales and as a global consulting engineer for Riverbed since 2006, Griffiths brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and technical expertise to the Advanced Technology Group team, as well as evangelism for the company globally.


Paul Griffiths Seminars

  • Simplify your Cloud Connectivity Wed 4th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Simplify your Cloud Connectivity

    Acknowledging that the move to cloud is ever increasing, means coming to terms with the decisions that must be made by businesses and their IT teams as to what applications and services should be migrated, where they should be migrated to, and when they should be migrated. Not only that, but planning ahead to minimise risk, and then monitoring afterwards to validate success and on-going productivity, should be top of the agenda. Riverbed Technology is here to provide organisations of all shapes and sizes with products and services designed to connect users with their applications, simply and efficiently.


    Paul Griffiths

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    Wed 4th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Cloud Based Networking