Paul Hirst

Company: Code42

Job Title: Senior Technical Account Manager

Paul Hirst

Paul Hirst is a senior technical account manager at Code42 where he helps some of the largest companies in the world manage their Code42 CrashPlan environments. He has been with Code42 for almost 5 years and assisted with the largest deployments and cloud migrations. He has worked extensively with the API to develop solutions used by a number of customers.
Prior to working at Code42, Paul was the owner and principal of an architecture firm in northern Minnesota where he designed everything from modest homes to luxury lake properties, churches and large industrial buildings. When he’s not working, he is spending time with his family. He was recently released after 10 years of service in regional ecclesiastical leadership assignments to move to the UK to head up Professional Services in the UK and Europe.

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    3 Strategies to Protect Corporate IP in the Age of Employee Churn

    Your business is built on data. In fact, 80% of your company value is in your intellectual property. It’s exactly this data—created by your knowledge workers—that holds the key to innovation and market advantage. But today, workers leave for new opportunities every 3-5 years—and take IP with them. So how do organizations develop security strategies for this new age? Attend the session to learn how to combat one of the largest data security blind spots—employee behavior


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    Wed 4th Oct 14:20 to 14:50

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