Paul Vlissidis

Company: NCC Group

Job Title: Technical Director & Senior Advisor

Paul Vlissidis

Paul is technical director and senior advisor at global cyber security and risk mitigation specialist NCC Group. He is responsible for communicating with and advising boards on the cyber risks facing their organisation and the threats specific to the sector in which they operate.
Paul has led the cyber team on Channel 4’s Hunted for the last two years, working with ex-military personnel and former police detectives in order to track down voluntary fugitives who were on the run. The programme’s cyber team was made up of NCC Group consultants including Doug Ipperciel, Chris Mayhew and Richard Warren.


Paul Vlissidis Seminars

  • How to tell if you are being cyber stalked or hacked Wed 4th Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    How to tell if you are being cyber stalked or hacked

    As the cyber lead on Channel 4’s Hunted, Paul and his team hacked over 100 people across two series.
    Although the majority of people may think they have some understanding of what good security practices are, attacks are becoming more sophisticated and the prevalence of hackers targeting individuals has increased exponentially in recent years. This session will provide insight into the techniques hackers use, offer tips on how to spot when an attack is in progress, and inform attendees of the online behaviours and techniques that can minimise the threat of such attacks.


    Paul Vlissidis

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    Wed 4th Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Cyber Security Keynote