Sahil Rekhi

Company: RingCentral EMEA

Job Title: Managing Director

Sahil Rekhi

Sahil Rekhi is the Managing Director RingCentral EMEA. Having been with RingCentral for the past 4 years, Sahil has been responsible for launching and driving one of the key strategic partnerships in UK with British Telecom, managing the GoToMarket efforts for the launch, and the ongoing success of the RingCentral offering in the BT portfolio. Sahil has 10+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry having previously worked for Vodafone, responsible for launching the Vodafone One Net UC offering across the European markets of UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland.


Sahil Rekhi Seminars

  • Unified Communications In A Multi-Cloud Environment Thu 5th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Unified Communications In A Multi-Cloud Environment

    With the rapid adoption of cloud technology within businesses of all sizes across all industries, new opportunities are opening up to maximize the potential even further in the cloud. In this session, Sahil will discuss the barriers to full cloud adoption and the possibilities around a new generation of open cloud platforms.  Sahil will highlight these trends, along with use case examples and put in perspective where communications is headed in the New Multi-Cloud environment.


    Sahil Rekhi

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    Thu 5th Oct 12:20 to 12:50