Terry Bernstein

Company: Verisign

Job Title: Director, Product Management

Terry Bernstein

Terry Bernstein, Director, Product Management at Verisign, is responsible for Verisign’s Enterprise DNS services, including Managed DNS, DNS Firewall, and Recursive DNS.

Terry’s previous experience includes Product Management roles at a Smart Grid startup, at Cisco Systems, as a technology consultant at SRI Consulting and as a network manager in the Pentagon.

He is a co-author of the book, Internet Security for Business (1996). Terry received BS
and MS degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

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Terry Bernstein Seminars

  • Using DNS to Combat the Threat of Ransomware Wed 4th Oct 16:20 - 16:50

    Using DNS to Combat the Threat of Ransomware

    One of the most prominent cyber-extortion tools at an attackers’ disposal – ransomware – is gaining momentum as one of the most feared malware types tracked by enterprise security teams.

    Ransomware is malicious software designed to infect a vulnerable computer system and encrypt its files, effectively halting productivity and leaving the victim with little recourse but to meet attacker’s demands.

    Critical to the success of many malware campaigns is communication to malicious domains and command-and-control (C&C) traffic for encryption and even potential exfiltration of data. However, this reliance upon communication may end up being the weakness of threats including some types of ransomware.


    Terry Bernstein

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    Wed 4th Oct 16:20 to 16:50

    Cyber Threat Protection