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Cristie Data

Cristie Data

Stand: H12

Cristie are one of the UK IT storage industry’s most enduring names. We’ve been a trusted, innovative and leading edge data storage, backup and virtualisation solutions provider across all sectors of industry for more than 40 years.

We are a systems integrator that specialises in solutions that we consider to be technically superior. Through thorough testing we augment and improve infrastructures which save our customers time, cost and deliver significant value to their businesses.

At IP EXPO this year, we will be showcasing solutions from our valued partners Arcserve, Barracuda and Dell

For over 10 years Cristie has held the BSI ISO 9001 certification, which demonstrates that we continually monitor and manage quality across all of our operations, giving our customers added reassurance in our capabilities.

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White papers

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board Case Study
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (ABHB) needed to simplify and improve their data protection. With Arcserve, ABHB’s backup window has been reduced to 2 hours, processes are faster, productivity has increased and compliance has been simplified.

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.pdf 379.95 kB

Brightsource Case Study
Brightsource were running out of storage capacity and their existing solution was difficult to manage, with slow and laborious provisioning. With Nimble, Brightsource now have plenty of performance in reserve and highly efficient processes in place.

Brightsource.pdf 328.96 kB

Burton & South Derbyshire College Case Study
Burton & South Derbyshire College were using an unreliable backup solution and their virtualisation solution was struggling. With a combination of Arcserve, Nimble and VMware, the College now receive superior performance, flexibility and simplicity.

Burton and South Derbyshire College.pdf 475.48 kB

North Devon Council Case Study
North Devon Council’s tape backups had become complex and time-consuming to manage. With Arcserve, the Council now has cost-effective, automated backup solution that provides continuous access to its hybrid physical and virtual environment.

North Devon Council.pdf 364.81 kB

South Gloucestershire & Stroud College Case Study
South Gloucestershire & Stroud College (SGS) needed to centralise systems following a merger. With Nimble, SGS have now improved the performance of key systems with a greater ability to react to change. Proactive support has also proved invaluable.

South Gloucestershire & Stroud College.pdf 451.80 kB

University of Bristol Case Study
The University of Bristol needed to rein in their increasing IT costs which had arisen from a continuous growth in bandwidth. With Nimble, the University found an appealing combination of price and performance, which scales simply and seamlessly.

University of Bristol.pdf 355.75 kB

Wycliffe College Case Study
Wycliffe College needed to improve their fragmented approach to data backup and protection. With Arcserve, the College now has a streamlined and modern solution that is easy to use, delivers concise reporting and supports current technologies.

Wycliffe College.pdf 643.89 kB

Alliance Homes Case Study
Alliance Homes were looking for a new data storage solution which had to support their virtualised environment, as well as deliver greater performance. With Nimble, they now a hybrid solution that delivers everything they required plus more.

Alliance Homes.pdf 134.95 kB