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Cyber Security Europe, 7 - 8 October 2015, ExCeL London

Securing The Digital Enterprise

Cyber Security Europe is Europe's fastest growing enterprise security event for those looking to prevent and detect the increasing threat of the digital, connected world.

A new standard for enterprise security

  • Cyber Security Europe will host the latest cyber security experts to speak on the topics risking the future of our businesses, and provide access to the latest technology innovators who provide the leading products and solutions.

    Cyber Security Europe at IP EXPO Europe offers you a wealth of specialist insight and solutions to help you protect your business from criminal gangs and recover faster after an attack.

    An education to outsmart the cyber criminals not to be missed! Cyber criminals are getting organised are you?

    In the new world of organised cybercrime and the dark net, it's not a question of whether your systems will be breached - but when. 

    This years event features seminars and solutions on all facets of cyber security and risk mitigation, from perimeter firewalls to the latest threat intelligence solutions.  The event is a must attend for business owners, IT directors and security specialists.

  • Protection

    As cyber criminals get organised, it can be a constant struggle to protect your brand, your customers, and your data. At Cyber Security Europe, we cover the top enterprise security solutions, from perimeter firewalls and anti-virus technologies, to threat intelligence solutions. Visit us to find out how you can close your security loopholes and stay safe.


    In the new world of organised cybercrime and the dark net, it’s not a question of if you’ll be hacked, but when. At Cyber Security Europe, we bring you all the latest security solutions that can help you detect any untoward activity on your network in real time. That way, you can react faster to protect your assets and customers, and meet regulatory requirements for managing and reporting security breaches.


    Cyber attacks are a fact of life for most organisations; it’s how you prepare yourself that counts. At Cyber Security Europe, we help you build an effective strategy for preventing cyber attacks, ensuring that they never put your critical systems or data at risk.


    When it comes to mitigating cyber security risks, knowledge is power. At Cyber Security Europe, we showcase all the latest threat intelligence solutions that can help you identify untoward activity on your network, and predict future threats based on industry wide security trends and data.

  • The IP EXPO Europe Tech Clinic

    This year, IP EXPO Europe will be offering all registered visitors FREE, personalised consultancy, tailored to the unique requirements of your business and IT Environment.  With a huge range of exhibitors, specialists, consultants and technologies on offer at the event, we want to ensure you get the most from your day.

    Our consultants are highly qualified and specifically chosen from across the industry with deployment experiences from Commercial, Public Sector and SMB.  The knowledge of our consultants will allow them to advise on technologies that will meet your needs and provide valued insight to your projects.

    Simply drop by on the day or contact us in advance to plan ahead -

  • A live open source security lab will be featured as part of Cyber Security Europe this October. Here, you’ll be able to share ideas with White Hat hackers, security gurus, Cyber Security Europe speakers and fellow professionals. As the threat of cyber-crime for leading commercial organisations continues to grow, it is the knowledge of the hackers that we need to learn from.

    In the Cyber Hack, you will:

    • See hacks take place in real time, and gain insight into how businesses can learn to prevent them. 
    • Attempt to beat the best defences and security minds in the Pen Test Prize Challenge. 

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Cyber Security Europe can help you protect everything that truly matters to your business and you can visit our other leading enterprise IT events whilst you're here.

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