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Alternative is a leading provider of telecommunications and IT solutions to UK businesses from device to datacentre. We pride ourselves in delivering an expansive scope of products & services, which spans cloud computing, virtualisation, managed hosting, fixed-line voice, software development, mobile, systems, IP networks & complex billing solutions.

Alternative Networks Seminars

  • Seeking to simplify complexity: How to build an effective service management portal Len Bellemore  |   Alternative Networks   |   Wed 5th Oct 11:00 - 11:30

    Data Analytics Theatre

    Wed 5th Oct 11:00 to 11:30

    Seeking to simplify complexity: How to build an effective service management portal

    As an IT services provider that deals with a multitude of different technologies and customer profiles, it can be increasingly complex to provide customers with the information they need. This session will share some of the drivers behind our decision to create a service management portal, and some of the challenges and successes we’ve had along the way.


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    Len Bellemore Len Bellemore View Profile
  • Efficiency and Intelligence from SD-WAN Steve Liput  |   Juniper Networks  |   Wed 5th Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    Cloud & Network Infrastructure Theatre

    Wed 5th Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Efficiency and Intelligence from SD-WAN

    The enterprise WAN needs to become more efficient and intelligent. SD-WAN introduces new levels of automation and intelligence to the enterprise WAN so that applications can be routed over multiple connections. This will increase performance and reduce costs. In this presentation we will cover:

    • Use cases and benefits of SD-WAN in the enterprise
    • SD-WAN as a managed service
    • Role for cloud applications on top of SD-WAN
    • How Juniper can solve your business needs


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    Steve Liput Steve Liput View Profile
  • Implementing a zero-trust model with Software Defined Secure Networking Steven Jacques   |   Juniper Networks  |   Thu 6th Oct 13:00 - 13:30

    Cyber Security Disruptive Technologies Theatre

    Thu 6th Oct 13:00 to 13:30

    Implementing a zero-trust model with Software Defined Secure Networking

    Legacy models of security deployed on a defensive perimeter are proving consistently ineffective. In this discussion, Juniper will propose a new, comprehensive, zero-trust model for threat defense, which leverages for mitigation the entirety of the one thing which is a common factor in all attacks – the network itself


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    Steven Jacques Steven Jacques View Profile
  • How Automation is transforming the management of DC networks Nigel Oakley  |   Juniper Networks  |   Thu 6th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Hybrid Cloud & Data Portability Theatre

    Thu 6th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    How Automation is transforming the management of DC networks

    For 30+ years, we have managed data networks using the same basic tools and systems. Command Line Interfaces (CLI) have been the management interface of choice with typically proprietary syntax and semantics for each manufacturer. This has led to a proliferation of network specific tools trying to cater for the many different manufacturers systems. These are often complex and hands on intensive trying to configure ever more complex network configurations which has led to slow deployment time and network fragility.

    This is all changing with new interface technologies, virtualisation, and automation aiming to simplify and speed up the deployment of network changes. This presentation will focus on how these new technologies are making the deployment and management of networks, simpler, faster and more reliable.


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    Nigel Oakley Nigel Oakley View Profile

White papers

A clear growth path for HighNet
HighNet is one of the fastest growing ISPs in the UK. HighNet built and launched its own ISP network in 2012 to provide the best possible Internet access and data centre capacity for its customers and partners.

HighNet Case Study.pdf 394.65 kB

University of Hertfordshire Refreshes Infrastructure with Alternative
The University of Hertfordshire set out to replace its entire network infrastructure with one that would support its requirements for the next 10 years.

University of Hertfordshire June 2015.pdf 387.42 kB

Advanced educational technology for Oxford Brookes
Due to rapid student and physical expansion, Oxford Brookes University required a solution that would meet this growth, whilst still be able to provide security, efficiency and cost savings

Oxford Brookes January 2015.pdf 400.29 kB

Alternative makes Woking compliant
The government introducted new regulatory changes and Woking Borough Council wanted to become compliant with Public Services Network regulation. Not being compliant could have meant being cut off from the network, which wasn't an option.

Woking Council June 2013.pdf 438.99 kB

Alternative future-proofs Virtual1’s networks
Virtual1’s strong growth prompted a core network upgrade to meet the increasing demand. They needed a solution that would make it easy to scale as demand increased and designed to be ‘future proof’.

Virtual 1 June 2014.pdf 443.87 kB

Alternative provides call control to EMAS
EMAS needed a reliable solution to deliver a significant improvement to call-handling performance.

EMAS June 2013.pdf 481.58 kB

Zoopla sells more with Alternative
When re-locating to their new offices, Zoopla saw an opportunity to upgrade from their existing hosted IT, telecoms and legacy contact centre, to a more complex infrastructure.

Zoopla January 2014.pdf 350.70 kB

Automating Hounslow’s infrastructure for seamless services
As part of a strategic vision, the London Borough of Hounslow needed to transform the way their partners and users accessed their applications and data, whilst also addressing user identity, document management, file sharing and collaboration needs.

Hounslow June 2014.pdf 450.99 kB

Alternative optimises Saga customers’ online experience
Saga is the UK’s leading provider of holidays & services for the over 50’s. Saga's website remains fundamental to its service offering ensuring it’s always available, readily scalable & easily customisable for a personalised & proactive experience.

SAGA January 2015.pdf 407.20 kB

Alternative gets it right for Carpetright
Carpetright had a dilemma where the IT & Telecoms division had pressure to lower IT costs versus the need for increased investment in technology to cope with the challenges of supplying tomorrow’s empowered customers.

Carpet Right June 2013.pdf 364.20 kB

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