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Cryoserver is an expertly simple email archiving and compliance tool, designed with care, to do exactly what email users and IT departments both need.

Cryoserver's focus gives flexibility. Our complete focus on email archiving and compliance means Cryoserver can be uniquely flexible in the way its technology is tailored to customers’ individual requirements. Over the last ten years we have continually developed and improved Cryoserver in line with customer requests and suggestions, all the while reinforcing its ability to safely store every email in a compliant and flexible archive.

Cryoserver's people are experts. They know everything there is to know about email archiving, which means the support they can provide to your business is second to none.

Cryoserver's product is expertly simple. Cryoserver does the hard work for you. It's a centralised email archive and compliance tool that's simple enough to be used by anyone in your organisation.

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Cryoserver email archiving
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