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ESET is a global provider of security software for enterprises and consumers dedicated to helping the world fight against computer threats. ESET’s award winning products rank among the world’s most advanced security solutions. ESET is headquartered in Bratislava and supports a global distribution network in over 160 countries.ESET software provides a complete security solution for your IT infrastructure and beyond. With industry leading proactive malware detection, ESET reduces your attack surface, reducing help-desk loads and downtime. With its light footprint, it can even extend the useful life of PCs, servers and laptops. By delivering state-of-the-art security, ESET is an easy way to shore up your systems from attack while driving your TCO down and your ROI up.

White papers

Ransomware: How to keep your business safe from extortion malware
To help companies mitigate the risks of ransomware infection, this white paper documents frequently used attack vectors and offers guidance on how to effectively protect company devices.

Ransomware.pdf 301.94 kB

The Rise of Android Ransomware
Ransomware is a growing problem for users of mobile devices. Lockscreen types and file-encrypting “crypto-ransomware”, both of which have been causing major financial and data.

Rise_of_Android_Ransomware.pdf 5.61 MB

Business Surveys 2015
The state of information security in companies in the EMEA region, and the attitudes of their IT experts and managers

Business Surveys 2015.pdf 481.91 kB

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