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The Men & Mice Suite is a software-based IP Address Management (IPAM) solution, used by many large and growing global enterprises, to establish secure and efficient control of their networks.

As an overlay solution with a particularly robust SOAP API, the Suite is deployed on top of existing DNS and DHCP servers, thereby granting seamless control over hybrid environments that include Linux, Unix, Microsoft and Cisco IOS servers – all without the need to replace your current IP infrastructure, and providing tight MS/AD integration where required.

Supporting a wide range of DNS and DHCP servers (BIND, Microsoft DNS/DHCP, Unbound, Cisco DHCP, ISC DHCP and KEA DHCP) and increasingly reaching further into the cloud with support for Microsoft Azure DNS and Amazon Route 53, the Men & Mice Suite offers superb solutions for network administrators involved in the daily battles of administration, planning, auditing and reporting in large networks.

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Do great network teams need great DNS, DHCP & IPAM solutions?
This white paper discusses how a comprehensive DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solution can boost a network team’s productivity, performance & general well-being, thereby greatly enhancing network security and elevating business efficiency.

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