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Positive Technologies is a leading provider of vulnerability assessment, compliance management, and threat analysis solutions to more than 3,000 global enterprise clients. Our solutions work seamlessly across your entire business: securing applications in development; assessing your network and application vulnerabilities; assuring compliance with regulatory requirements; and blocking real-time attacks. Our commitment to clients and research has earned Positive Technologies a reputation as one of the foremost authorities on SCADA, banking, telecom, web application, and ERP security, and distinction as the #1 fastest growing Security and Vulnerability Management firm in 2012, as shown in an IDC report*. To learn more about Positive Technologies please visit

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Modern algorithms combine to protect you from emerging threats. Stop zero-day attacks before they strike, patch existing security holes. Prevent automated malware from attacking your systems and focus on the vulnerabilities that matter the most.

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PT Application Inspector™
Intelligent source code analysis examines software from end-to-end and finds true vulnerabilities using a combination of static, dynamic and interactive testing.

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