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SecureAuth is the leader in adaptive access control solutions, empowering organizations to determine identities with confidence. SecureAuth® IdP provides authentication security, Single Sign-On and user self-service tools together in a single platform, allowing strong identity security while minimizing disruptions to the end-user. SecureAuth IdP is currently protecting over five million users worldwide. For the latest insights on adaptive access control, follow the SecureAuth blog, follow @SecureAuth on Twitter and on LinkedIn, or visit

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  • Forgotten your password? Guess what.. we don't need passwords anymore. James Romer  |   SecureAuth   |   Wed 5th Oct 15:40 - 16:10

    Cyber Security Disruptive Technologies Theatre

    Wed 5th Oct 15:40 to 16:10

    Forgotten your password? Guess what.. we don't need passwords anymore.

    Moving away from the password is seen as a difficult challenge for a variety of reasons, yet the desire to do so is well founded. By deploying an adaptive access control framework it has become possible to prove and maintain control of an identity without the use of passwords. Utilising true adaptive authentication techniques, SecureAuths access control framework allows an organisation to move completely away from the need for passwords, whilst maintaining an intelligent security perimeter around the identity.


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White papers

SecureAuth Protect and Detect
Defending Against Advanced Threats at the Identity Perimeter

SA_WhitePaper_Protect_Detect_021116 (1).pdf 1.28 MB

Device Finger Printing
This paper will examine SecureAuth’s Device Fingerprinting. It will explain what it is, how it works, and the numerous benefits that it spawns.

SecureAuth_WP_device finger printing.pdf 557.58 kB

Are Businesses Sleepwalking into an Authentication Nightmare?
Why password-only access controls are no longer fit-for-purpose, and what you can do about it.

SA_WhitePaper_Sleepwalking_A4_060915.pdf 1.64 MB


whitepaperoffice365.pdf 899.18 kB

eBook: The Basics of Cyber Insurance
Cyber Insurance has been booming in recent years as organizations face growing concerns about the cost of online breaches. This eBook outlines the basics of Cyber Insurance including what is covered and how good security practices can mitigate risk.

SecureAuth_Cyberinsurance Custom eBook.pdf 2.71 MB

Advanced Authentication and Access Control: A Guide to Selecting the Best Solution for Your Enterprise
This short guide outlines four categories of critical selection criteria for authentication and access control solutions.

SecureAuth_AccessControlEvalGuide_1015.pdf 400.65 kB

Using Identity to Create Next Generation, Risk-based Access Management
Today Cyber attackers are capitalizing on a golden opportunity to bypass traditional perimeter security controls and monitoring. This paper explores how and why becoming an identity provider is an important and growing need in the connected world.

EMA-SecureAuth_Identity-WP.pdf 252.72 kB

Protect Yourself Against VPN-Based Attacks: Five Do's and Don'ts
Most IT professionals take for granted their virtual private network (VPN) infrastructure. In this paper we explore the top strategies for make sure you keep this critical piece of your infrastructure secure.

SA_WP_VPN-Dos-and-Donts_2015.pdf 371.22 kB

Preventing Attackers from Getting What They Want: A Case for Context-Based Authentication
Attacks on organizations are in the news every day. How can your organization keep from becoming tomorrow’s headline? This white paper can help.

SA_WhitePaper_PreventingAttackers_031016.pdf 739.93 kB

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