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Synack has pioneered a trusted, hacker-powered approach to protecting an organization’s digital attack surface, arming security teams with hundreds of the world’s best hackers who want to be their allies, not their adversaries. Our private crowd of skilled and trusted hackers provide proactive application security and penetration testing services – detecting and reporting vulnerabilities within web and mobile applications, host infrastructure, and connected IoT devices that often remain undetected by traditional security solutions.

Synack’s crowdsourced application security and penetration testing solution is a full-service model that encompasses the trusted, controlled aspect of a high touch penetration testing service, with the diversity, continuity, and incentive-driven nature of bug bounty programs, plus the scalability and analytical capabilities of automated vulnerability technology.

Synack Inc Seminars

  • Secure your Business With an Army of Vetted Ethical Hackers Jack Blockley  |   Synack Inc   |   Thu 6th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

    Future of Threat Intelligence Theatre

    Thu 6th Oct 12:20 to 12:50

    Secure your Business With an Army of Vetted Ethical Hackers

    Despite major investments in security staff, software and hardware, cybercrime hackers are still able to get through. To increase the protection of your IT systems and beat the hackers you have to think like a hacker.
    In this session, explore how organizations can utilize trusted ethical hackers, or “Red Teams” to:

    · Proactively detect, report, and help patch holes in an organization's most sensitive systems, before a criminal hacker gets there first.
    · Understand how areas of weakness and subsequent exploitation relates to overall business risk, and how vulnerabilities can be prioritized for remediation.
    · Gain a true understanding of how an adversary views your networks and digital applications and protect yourself proactively with a pool of the best security researchers available.


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White papers

Synack Solution Overview
Learn about Synack's crowdsourced application security and penetration testing and why Synack is a unique solution.

Solution-Overview-Alt_Print (1).pdf 601.53 kB

The Synack Solution Datasheet
Read about our crowdsourced application security and penetration testing from the world's best ethical hackers.

Solution-DataSheet_Print (1).pdf 641.88 kB

The Journey from Discovery to Remediation
Learn how Synack customers are at an advantage with access to a group of vetted and qualified red team, 95% signal to noise ration and full packet capture with LaunchPoint.

WP-Discovery-to-Remediation_Print (1).pdf 988.60 kB

Synack Red Team Overview
Learn about the private crowd of highly vetted, diverse and professional security researchers that Synack customers have access to. See who makes the cut and the details of the vetting process.

Red-Team-Overview_Print (1).pdf 1.04 MB

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