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VIPole is an international company, with its headquarters in the UK, offering state-of-the-art, high-level encryption solutions for enterprises dealing with commercially or personally sensitive information, and individuals wishing to protect themselves from hackers, identity thieves and malware. A key feature of the system is the unique software design that ensures user data remains encrypted at every stage.

Launched in 2013, VIPole Secure Messenger now provides encrypted file storage, secure video and audio communications, group chats and collaboration tools to over 500,000 users worldwide, all of whom are protected by the highest level AES-256 and RSA-3072 encryption. VIPole offers a robust solution for financial institutions, medical practices, educational establishments and government offices handling sensitive personal data. VIPole is available as a cloud service, or an on-premise solution. VIPole also offers both free and paid versions of its products for personal use on PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

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