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Xirrus is the leading provider of high-performance wireless networks. Xirrus solutions perform under the most demanding circumstances, offering consistent “wired-like” performance with superior coverage and security.

The Xirrus suite of Wi-Fi optimized solutions – high density access points, access points, cloud services, and wired switches – provide seamless connectivity and unified management across the network.

Xirrus provides a vital strategic business and IT infrastructure advantage to industries that depend on wireless to operate business-critical applications. With tens of thousands of customer solutions deployed globally, Xirrus maintains operations and partnerships across the globe.

Xirrus is a privately held company and is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA. For more information please visit: and follow us on Twitter @Xirrus.

Xirrus Seminars

  • Achieving True High-Density Wi-Fi - The Technical Challenges, Business Drivers, and Commercial Benefits Adrian Clinton-Watkins  |   GGR Communications Group  |   Wed 5th Oct 11:40 - 12:10

    Wireless & Mobile Theatre

    Wed 5th Oct 11:40 to 12:10

    Achieving True High-Density Wi-Fi - The Technical Challenges, Business Drivers, and Commercial Benefits

    GGR Communications have delivered high-density public Wi-Fi projects at a number of the UK's leading horse racing venues with crowds of up to 70,000 spectators at a single event.

    These projects aren't without their significant challenges and the success is dependent on not just selecting the right hardware vendors but ensuring it is planned, designed and delivered by a talented engineering team who boast vital experience.

    Join them to hear about The Jockey Club's journey into high-density Wi-Fi and what makes it so different from traditional corporate or guest Wi-Fi.


    Photo Speaker Name Profile
    Adrian Clinton-Watkins Adrian Clinton-Watkins View Profile
  • Wi-Fi Security Dangers - How to Protect Your Users From Harm Charles Burns  |   Xirrus   |   Thu 6th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

    Thu 6th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    Wi-Fi Security Dangers - How to Protect Your Users From Harm

    Wi-Fi has enabled the mass adoption, use and innovation of connected devices.

    With connectivity creeping into almost every aspect of our lives, we’ve come to expect public Wi-Fi at nearly every place we go.

    Wi-Fi is no longer a want, but a need. Still, very few networks are capable of protecting our data when we connect. Simply put, the networks don’t encrypt data (among other things), leaving a myriad of security risks.


    Photo Speaker Name Profile
    Charles Burns Charles Burns View Profile

White papers

Xirrus Delivers Easy and Affordable Wi-Fi for Pre, Primary, Secondary Schools, and Colleges
Xirrus delivers world-class, cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions that put your network at the head of its class. With Xirrus, the complexities of 1:1 programs and BYOD are no problem. Best of all, Xirrus Wi-Fi networks grow and adapt to constantly…

Click here to read how Xirrus delivers the fastest Wi-Fi on the planet to Schools and Colleges.pdf 920.95 kB

Xirrus Delivers Robust Wi-Fi for Ultimate Guest Satisfaction
Checking into a hotel shouldn’t mean taking a vacation from reliable Wi-Fi. Give your guests the ultimate “home away from home” experience with Wi-Fi that extends from the lobby to their rooms and everywhere in between. And, Xirrus makes it easy…

Read how Xirrus is Revolutionising the Hospitality Industry.pdf 482.75 kB

Xirrus Brings Large Public Venues Scalable and Reliable Wi-Fi
When you have hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of attendees that need to connect to Wi-Fi all at once, you need Xirrus. Xirrus solutions deliver unmatched performance in extreme high-density environments. And, our networks are future…

Discover how Xirrus Scales to Power Even the Most High-Density Environments Like no Other Wi-Fi Provider.pdf 710.26 kB

Xirrus Delivers Reliable and Robust Wi-Fi for Healthcare
With tablets, smart phones and wireless equipment now the norm in healthcare, keeping everything connected and operating is critical. With Xirrus, you get a Wi-Fi network that’s easy to deploy and operate while providing unmatched reliability. Even…

Read how Xirrus Transforms Healthcare and Enables Connected Health.pdf 360.61 kB

Xirrus Delivers Easy and Affordable Wi-Fi for Enterprises
Don’t let dropped connections and erratic performance slow your company down. Xirrus supercharges your business with robust Wi-Fi solutions that are secure, simple to operate, and include everything you need for today’s BYOD business environment.

Read how Xirrus Mobilises Enterprises with Fast, Affordable, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi.pdf 540.12 kB

Xirrus Offers Scalable and Affordable Wi-Fi for Universities
Mobility is key when it comes to campus life. In this high-density environment every student, teacher and faculty member needs their unique devices to work on a Wi-Fi network that can power them through endless lectures and all-night study sessions.

Click here to read how Universities and Student Halls everywhere are enjoying super-fast Wi-Fi from Xirrus in the most high-density scenarios.pdf 463.01 kB

Xirrus Access Points | Easy-to-Deploy Ubiquitous Wi-Fi
Xirrus Access Points deliver a highly flexible, high performance Wi-Fi solution to address a wide variety of applications. Stream-line IT operations with the Xirrus Management System (XMS), hosted either in the cloud or on-premise and enable new...

Read how Xirrus Access Points deliver a highly flexible, high performance Wi-Fi solution to address a wide variety of applications.pdf 549.73 kB

802.11ac Wave 2 | Whitepaper
Wave 2 products began shipping in 2015, and can enhance throughput to a theoretical maximum of 3.47Gbps. This whitepaper provides an overview of 802.11ac Wave 2 technology and its potential impact on Wi-Fi networks.

802.11ac Wave 2.pdf 370.54 kB

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