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activereach is a leading provider of Internet, networking, voice and security solutions delivered through the cloud, managed services, software and appliances. For organisations faced with today’s complex IT challenges, activereach provides a unique consultative approach with solutions based on best of breed products and services. activereach has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK, Europe & Middle East - ranging from FTSE 500 enterprises and financial institutions to retailers and SMEs - manage and secure their network infrastructures, voice & data communications and critical information assets. Operating across activeNETWORKS and activeDEFENCE technology divisions, activereach is headquartered near London, UK.
At IP EXPO 2016, we will be showcasing our DDoS Testing Services; the only way to know if your DDoS mitigation service will stop a DDoS attack. On Day 2, we will also be presenting on three DDoS testing case studies in the Cyber Security Disruptive Technologies Theatre.
activereach will be exhibiting on Stand A13 in partnership with cloud-based cybersecurity provider ZENEDGE.

activereach Seminars

  • How Do You Know if Your DDoS Mitigation Solution Will Stop a DDoS Attack? Raza Rizvi  |   activereach   |   Thu 6th Oct 13:40 - 14:10

    Cyber Security Disruptive Technologies Theatre

    Thu 6th Oct 13:40 to 14:10

    How Do You Know if Your DDoS Mitigation Solution Will Stop a DDoS Attack?

    Organisations spend thousands on DDoS protection, but how do you know if it is really going to work? A DDoS test programme is a safe and controlled way of experiencing a live DDoS attack before the actual event - allowing mitigation systems to be tuned and security staff to gain valuable insight. Join us to hear how three leading organisations including a large bank, The British Library and a critical Internet infrastructure provider successfully implemented DDoS testing. In each case, we will walk you through the set-up, the test parameters, testing procedures, results, and key lessons learned.


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White papers

A Guide to DDoS Mitigation & Testing: Part 1 – An introduction to DDoS attacks and mitigating them
This introduction to the threat of DDoS and the current state of mitigation technologies creates a foundation for discussion of how companies can assess the risks associated with DDoS attacks and how to evaluate and test the solutions adopted.

activereach_DDoS_Guide_Part_1 (v1.1).pdf 1.02 MB

A Guide to DDoS Mitigation & Testing: Part 2 – Assessing the business risk posed by Distributed Denial of Service attacks
This practical guide to risk assessment examines the scope of impact of a DDoS attack, expected annual losses from a DDoS attack, and spend/activity required to mitigate resultant losses.

activereach_DDoS_Guide_Part_2 (v1.1).pdf 767.95 kB

A Guide to DDoS Mitigation & Testing: Part 3 – Testing Distributed Denial of Service mitigation
In the final white paper of this series, we focus on the practice of DDoS testing – the controlled simulation of a real DDoS attack on a corporate network.

activereach_DDoS_Guide_Part_3 (v1.0).pdf 738.66 kB

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