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'The Future Of...' panel debates gives exclusive access to see the world's leading tech platforms 'clash' as world class experts discuss where the leading companies are taking technology in the next few years. Our panel debate series consists of....



The threat of cyber attacks isn’t going away anytime soon and as attacks become more sophisticated, how can businesses ensure they are one step ahead? Join our exclusive cyber security panel to learn about the future of Cyber Security technologies and how they will adapt to beat the hackers.


Chair: Rory Cellan Jones
Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs
James Lyne, Sophos
Joshua Corman, Sonatype
Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro

Wednesday 5th October 12:20 - 13:10

Location: IP EXPO Keynote Theatre


Join the industry’s top Cloud professionals as they battle it out to determine the future of the Cloud within the enterprise.


Chair: Glen Robinson, Leading Edge Forum
Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure
Matt McNeill, Google
John Easton, IBM
Colin Humphreys, Pivotal
Wednesday 5th October 13:20 - 14:10

Location: IP EXPO Keynote Theatre


What role does Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics play in determining business success? As data gathering continues to grow how does a business collate and make sense of it all? How can it be used on a sophisticated level or identify gaps within your business? Our panel will look at what the future the these interconnected technologies holds.


Chair: TBC
Alicia Asin Pérez, Libelium
James Hatch, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
David Spezia, Tableau
Harvey Lewis, Deloitte MCS
Jamie Moss, Ovum

Thursday 6th October 12:20 - 13:10

Location: IP EXPO Keynote Theatre


DevOps and SecOps are two core competencies which need to align to allow continuous secure delivery. This panel will look at the techniques and cultural shifts required to take in security from the start of a project so you don’t have to sacrifice it for speed of delivery. IT security has never been more important and it is only going to get more critical.


Chair: Mark Miller, Sonatype
Shannon Lietz, DevSecOps Leader
Chris Swan, CSC

Thursday 6th Oct 12:20 - 13:20

Location: Cyber Security Keynote Theatre


In the 21st Century “Data is the new oil”, but how do you realise the true value of their data?!  Most companies’ Data Analytics journeys have only just started and expectations are often overly optimistic, but the organisations who can get a head start will gain a major advantage. Explore the true state of Data Analytics and where it is actually going over the next 18 months.


Chair: Dr Aida Mehonic
Charles Adriaenssens, Splunk, Inc
David Spezia, Tableau
Dean J. Marsh, IBM Analytic Solutions

Thursday 6th Oct 13:20 - 14:10

Location: Keynote Theatre


With the explosion of data, the demand for flexibility and the cost of running in-house data centres rising sharply,  IT departments are looking at a number of options to keep pace with the rate of change. One solution for this, colocation, is an increasingly popular option due to the increased scalability, connectivity and stability


Chair: Philip Collerton, Uptime Institute
Jon Arnold, Volta Data Centre
Greg Mcculloch, Aegis Data Centre
Alan Dean, CoreIX

Thursday 6th Oct 12:20 - 12:50

Location: Data Centre Efficiency & DCIM Theatre


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