Riverbed Roundtable

Riverbed Roundtable

Join Riverbed for an exclusive lunch roundtable at IP EXPO Europe from 12.00-16.30 including VIP seating for the Riverbed seminar following the session.

This is an exclusive session hosted by Riverbed and presented by a specialist speaker in a roundtable discussion that draws upon case study examples. As one of 15 senior IT decision makers, or business owners, you will be surrounded by like-minded peers in a focussed roundtable discussion at IP EXPO Europe.

Coffee and refreshments will commence from 12.00 and lunch will be provided from 12.10. The roundtable discussion will be 12.35-13.30 before heading to the VIP seating in the Cloud Based Networking theatre.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exclusive VIP area at Europe's number one enterprise IT event

Riverbed Corporate Overview

Riverbed Digital Experience Management

Riverbed End User Experience Monitoring

The Agenda - Wednesday 4th October

Day :    Wednesday 4th of October at IP EXPO Europe
Venue : ExCeL
Time :   12.00 – 16.30

Session Title :   How to Avoid your Cloud Strategy being a Shot in the Dark
Speaker : Mark Robinson, Director, Solution Engineering, Riverbed Technology

A strategy for IT change based on visibility of business outcomes.
1)      How to understand the business usage of IT and the users’ experience
2)      How to determine the gaps between what IT delivers and what the business needs
3)      How to plan a cloud strategy to deliver the most appropriate IT for those business needs
4)      How to qualify and quantify the success


12:00   Arrival/Registration at VIP Lounge
12:10   Lunch and networking
12:35   Roundtable starts
13.30   Session finishes
13:35   Escort delegates to front row reserved seating in our Cloud Based Networking theatre
13:40   Riverbed’s speaking session starts
14:10   Riverbed’s speaking session finishes
14:15   Escorting VIP delegates back to the Roundtable room for further networking
16:30   Networking finishes


Overview: https://www.riverbed.com/gb/about/riverbed-story.html

SD WAN Whitepaper - https://www.riverbed.com/document/fpo/Key-Requirements-for-SD-WAN-RVBD-WP.Final.pdf

SD WAN Analyst Report - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/forms/IDC-SD-WAN-Guidance-on-WAN-Transformation.html

SD WAN – Video Unified Connectivity across the WAN & LAN - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/solutions/sd-wan.html

Four stages of Cloud Adoption - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/forms/how-can-you-successfully-put-the-cloud-to-work-for-you.html

APM in a Digital Economy - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/forms/ema-apm-in-the-digital-economy.html?utm_source=visibility

Complete Digital Experience Management Video : https://www.riverbed.com/gb/solutions/digital-experience-management.html

EMA Paper – DEM - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/forms/ema-white-paper-best-practices-for-successful-digital-experience-management.html

Migration to Windows 10 Guide - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/forms/15_keys_to_ensuring_successful_windows_10_migration_with_steelcentral_aternity.html

End User Experience Monitoring Video - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/products/steelcentral/end-user-experience-monitoring/steelcentral-aternity.html

Validate the impact of IT Change on End User Experience (in the scrolling window half way down the page) - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/products/steelcentral/end-user-experience-monitoring/steelcentral-aternity.html

Solution Brief- https://www.riverbed.com/document/fpo/Products/SteelCentral/SteelCentral_Aternity_Cloud_SB.pdfCustomer Case studies - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/solutions/digital-experience-management.html

Customer Case – Aternity - https://www.riverbed.com/gb/solutions/digital-experience-management.html

Customer Case – SD WAN – SimplePay - https://www.riverbed.com/emea/cloud-hero/agility.html