Jon Iadonisi

Jon Iadonisi

Company: VizSense

Job Title: Founder & CEO

Jon Iadonisi is a former Navy SEAL, cyber security expert and serial entrepreneur. As founder of White Canvas Group a technology incubator that creates new companies servicing Fortune 500 companies, Elite Special Operations Forces, and marketing/advertising agencies. Iadonisi has straddled both sides of the IT-security versus marketing technology access fence. An active founder, Jon has developed and incubated various technologies including: SEcureCog- a cyber tradecraft company that trains elite government and private clients, and GridMeNow, a customizable mobile location-based situational awareness service. Today, Iadonisi is answering society’s growing demand for SMART data with his newest venture VizSense Inc. VizSense is re-defining the way agencies, brands, and world class talent identify social influencers and the networks created as they share content. Iadonisi is the Founder and CEO of  VizSense and often has a front row seat in addressing the needs of Chief Marketing Officers and Chief Digital Officers of some of the largest global corporations and advertising agencies.

Mr. Iadonisi holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the U.S. Naval Academy, M.S. in Homeland Security from San Diego State University and is currently completing his PhD in Criminal Justice from the University of New Haven, focusing his research on the emerging field of cyber crime. A combat wounded and decorated veteran, Jon is a board member of Operation Restored Warrior- a non-profit focused on healing veterans. He is a frequent contributor and speaker to nationally syndicated radio, television and media outlets and conferences.

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