Jules Pagna Disso

Jules Pagna Disso

Company: Nettitude

Job Title: Head of Research and Development

Dr. Pagna Disso has over 15 years’ experience working in cyber security. Previously the head of EADS Innovation Works’ cyber security research lab in the UK, he was the technical lead for all cyber security related projects. Dr. Pagna Disso also provides ongoing consultancy services for various organisations on critical infrastructure security and also advises SMEs on security strategies. He holds a PhD in Intrusion Detection Systems as well as a number of cyber security related qualifications. His research interests include cyber security for Industrial Control Systems, honeypots, botnets, malware analysis, cloud security, cyber forensics, threat analysis, and vulnerability identification.

In addition to developing and executing research projects into a wide range of areas relating to cyber security, including Industrial Control Systems, Dr. Pagna Disso is also responsible for supervising MSc and PhD students from a number of Academic Centers of Excellence for Cyber Security within the UK.

Dr Jules Pagna Disso is responsible for developing, building, and running the day-to-day operations to provide threat intelligence. He also architects and engineers a comprehensive set of technologies and processes to provide superior situational awareness.

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