Kelly Richdale

Kelly Richdale

Company: ID Quantique

Job Title: VP of Quantum Safe Security

Ms Kelly Richdale is VP of Quantum Safe Security for ID Quantique, a Geneva based company specializing in quantum cryptography and conventional high-speed network encryption for securing financial institutions, enterprises and governments. She has been working in the security industry for 15 years, focusing on cryptography, network security, identity management and strong authentication solutions. Prior to ID Quantique she held the role of VP International Sales & Managing Director International Operations of Bioscrypt, the enterprise access division of L1 Identity Solutions. Ms Richdale founded the company A4Vision, specialising in 3D face recognition, which was acquired by Bioscrypt in March 2007. She hold an MBA from INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France) and a degree in modern languages (Russian & German) from Cambridge University. She is an occasional lecturer at the Infosec course at the University of Geneva and on the advisory board of the EPFL’s Management of Technology MBA course.  In addition she is a qualified CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security professional by ISC2).

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