Mike Dilworth

Mike Dilworth

Company: Sainsbury's

Job Title: Agile & DevOps Transformation

Mike Dilworth has 23 years of experience in the field of IT, where he has held roles within software, systems and network engineering.  Mike's early work in computer supported collaborative working was fuelled by the birth of the modern Internet and the emergence of Linux. He took these skills with him to Greece where he lived and worked for 17 years. In Greece, Mike worked for a variety of organizations ranging from large publishing houses, mobile telcos and small start-ups.  The combination of Greece's entrepreneurial culture and Mike's "full stack" skills naturally steered him towards more agile ways of working and the pursuit of innovation.  On returning to the UK in 2012, Mike headed up the infrastructure and operations teams for Thomas Cook's E-commerce Centre of Excellence. It was there, that as part of data centre consolidation and rationalization work, he began to implement key technologies and ways of working that today form the mainstream of DevOps. More recently, Mike has moved to Sainsbury's where he has the opportunity to deliver DevOps as part of a major agile transformation programme.

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